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Career Choice Knowledge

Adapting Canadian Work

Our site is design to help young individuals and new immigrants with possible career choices while also exposing them to the harsh realities of the world. We have several social and economical issues going on in this country and these issues need to be heard.

We will cover several different career choice and options including our core four of real estate, construction, healthcare and transportation. There are several industries in need of workers that pay well and our goal is to continue to add to our list.


There are a large number of careers in the transportation industry, most not requiring extensive education or experience.


Trades workers are always in need, now so more than ever. Companies are desperate for workers and paying high wages.

Health Care

There are a number of different branches in healthcare, many under the government that also includes a pension.

Real Estate

Lesser known, but there are several avenues one can get into with real estate. With little education it’s easy to make the jump into selling homes.

Career Spotlight: Real Estate

TV shows make it seem glamourous but selling houses isn’t easy. There is a lot of leg work to do for clients that are looking to buy or sell a home. That being said, real estate can be rewarding. There are several areas of of real estate as well, including property management, appraisals, and even starting your own real estate brokerage. Real estate is a popular career choice for the new generation. 

realtor selling house


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