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It is easy to take for granted items being in a store for us to select from. The same is true for items we purchase online; they are conveniently delivered to us. Yet transportation jobs and the people involved in them make it all possible. We wouldn’t have food, supplies, or luxuries if people weren’t involved with getting those items moving.


The backbone of any transportation services are truck drivers. This can be a great career for someone that enjoys driving. Depending on the route, they may get to see plenty of new locations. With other scenarios, they have a dedicated run, so they see the same places over and over again. While many think of the trucking industry as one for men, there are plenty of women sitting behind the wheel too.

The requirements to legally drive a truck as a career depend on location. The basic requirements tend to include being at least 21 years of age, a valid driver’s license, a good driving history, a current CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), and passing a physical within the last two years verifying you are in good health.

Due to the demand for truckers, many companies will pay for the CDL training and other requirements. As a stipulation, the driver agrees they will work for that company for a given amount of time. This can be a great trade off for someone interested in being part of this industry and getting help with the costs for it.


Others are involved with the delivery end of goods when it comes to transportation job jobs. This includes everything from important documents to food. The convenience of delivery is important to consumers. They can get what they want and not have to figure out how to receive it. They have a date and time window for that delivery to show up.

For example, a person can buy a new bedroom set and living room set. They don’t have the means to haul it to their home on their own. They don’t have to worry about it because the company they buy it from has delivery services in place. They arrange for it to be delivered by someone with the ability to drive the truck and handle the larger/heavier items.


Hauling goods for others can be a great career. It may be in the form of a moving van with all of their household belongings. It could be moving business equipment to a new location such as a second facility. Often, transporting is for smaller needs such as helping someone get a vehicle to them or even getting a pet delivered to them.


Getting around when you don’t have a vehicle doesn’t have to be a challenge. Not when there are Uber and Taxi services available. This is a great choice for someone travelling rather than renting a car. It is a good idea for someone that doesn’t want to hassle with parking for an event or they plan to drink when they go out.

Many people work for a company as a taxi driver. When it comes to Uber, most people use their own vehicle to provide those services. There are requirements of the company to get approved and you should check your vehicle insurance policy before you offer such services. It can be a fun career path though, a way to make money and meet new people every day.


Transporting people to and from their medical appointments is a satisfying career. Some of these jobs provide you with a vehicle, such as one with a wheelchair ramp for specific patients. Others reimburse you for using your personal vehicle to take them to and from appointments. Careful scheduling is important so they arrive on time for their appointment.