January 2016 Round 

  • Evaluating Government Plans and Actions to Reduce GHG Emissions in Canada: Implications for Labour
  • Evaluating the Impact of the BC Insulators’ Union Campaign to Promote Improved Mechanical Insulation Standards in BC’s Construction Industry
  • Green Transitions in the US and Europe: Breadth, Depth and Worker Agency
  • Taking Ownership and Control of the Green Economy
  • The Training of Canadian Architects to Prepare Them for the Challenges of Climate Change
  • Transforming Canada’s Transport Sector: Impacts of Electrification and Increased Biofuel Use

May 2016 Round

  • Environmental Views and Practices of Quebec Unions, Sectoral Committees and Envirocompentences Industrial Cluster
  • Green Transitions in the Built Environment
  • Environmental Racism: The Impact of Climate Change on Racialized Canadian Communities: An Environmental Justice Perspective
  • Delivering Climate Training to Union Leaders: Models of Engagement and Sustainability